If you’re reading this, chances are you already know a little bit about red light therapy. Perhaps you’ve caught it on the news, your favorite celebrity has been talking up the benefits or you’ve seen an advertisement by way of some Instagram influencer. Regardless of what sort of outcome you’re after, if you are looking into trying red light therapy for yourself you’ll want to know exactly how to use your RLT device for best results. Read on for all the details!

Red Light Therapy At-Home

Red light therapy has been available in doctor’s offices and spas for quite some time now, but at-home devices are a relatively new trend. While doing RLT at home brings a ton of benefits from cost-effectiveness, convenience, and the ability to do your treatments whenever and wherever you like-  you’ll need to know how to correctly use your device in order to benefit from all RLT has to offer.

How Long and How Often Should I use my RLT Device?

Depending on the size of your device (targeted, half body, full body, etc), we suggest anywhere from 5-15 minute sessions per area. A good place to start is with 5 minutes of RLT per area, working up to longer sessions as your body becomes more comfortable with the treatment. Ten minutes is the sweet spot for most benefits of your RLT device, though for certain skincare treatments slightly longer treatment times may quicken your results. It isn’t necessary to push for much longer than that though, as there comes a point when the body can only absorb so much light at any given time. As far as distance is concerned, you’ll want to set yourself up 4-6 inches from the device with uncovered skin for optimal light absorption.

A common question among new users of at-home RLT devices is, what time of day is best for treatment? The answer to this one is, it’s up to you! Many users opt to do their treatment first thing in the morning as it energizes them and allows them to jumpstart their day; others find that nighttime yields them the best results, and still others choose to squeeze in a session before and/or after their workout to maximize energy pre-workout or for post-workout recovery. The most important thing is that you find a time that works for you. The best RLT therapy schedule is the one you’ll complete daily.

Targeted or General Full-Body Therapy?

Most of the benefits of Red Light Therapy can be attained by daily, full body use. That being said, specific problem areas benefit from targeted treatment.

Finally, as with most things, consistency is the name of the game. To truly reap the benefits of red light therapy, you’ll need to commit to daily use of your RLT device. Once daily is ideal, though 2-3x per day may be beneficial.  If you do opt for multiple sessions per day, it’s best to space them out about 6 hours apart. Keep in mind that, while any use is beneficial; consistent, daily use would be the best way to achieve long-lasting positive results. Refer to these guidelines when getting started using your at-home RLT device, but always consult a medical professional for specific questions regarding at home use.

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