Red Light Therapy Devices

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"In the next few years, every home will have one or maybe two light therapy devices"

Dr. Michael Hamblin, Harvard University

harness the natural power of light energy

Red light therapy is seen to have powerful anti-aging effects on our skin, combat neurological disease, fight depression and anxiety, increase fat loss, speed recovery from exercise, increase strength and endurance, combat certain autoimmune conditions, fight hair loss, and speed healing from injury-all with little to no side effects.
Red and near-infrared light have already been proven in over 3,000 scientific studies.

Introduction to our Red Light Therapy Devices

Each red light unit is built with multiple 5w high power led diodes. Even with our most portable device, the 300W, this is an incredible amount of light energy.

These lamps emit a highly focused beams of light at two very specific wavelengths – 660nm & 850nm. 660nm being a bright red light and 850nm being near-infrared, and hence almost imperceptible to the naked eye.

Find out more about why these devices are set to these specific frequencies of light in our research department, here.



660 nm – Deep Red
850 nm – Near-Infrared
Separate switches for both



Consumption: 300w – 1000w
Up to 270 mW/cm² density
120 mW/cm² @ 20cm
35 mW/cm² @ 150cm


Warranty – 3 Years

Life Span 50,000+ hours
Includes power cord & hanging kit

All red light therapy devices come with a 3 year warranty.


All red light therapy lamps also come with all the accessories you need including, eye cup mask, hanging kit and power cord (please contact us if outside the UK and we will include the correct plug fitting)

These red light therapy lamps are sourced directly from the manufacturer, giving you the best price around. We usually hold stock however it may be necessary to back order your device which may take 5-7 working days to get to you.

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