Here we will write and post links to the myriad of research and studies on red light therapy. From articles around the uses of red light therapy to many many studies on the effects it can have. If you have any particular areas you would like information on or that you think we should cover please drop us a line at

Does Red Light Therapy Work?!

In a word, YES! But then that was probably a bit obvious that we were going to say that – so let’s look at the facts. Amazingly there are now over 3,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies showing the incredible health and anti-ageing benefits of red light therapy and near-infrared light therapy. These studies prove the multiple ways that red light therapy can help you, including:

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Benefits of Red Light Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Background Just like many other forms of Arthritis, the rheumatoid kind is also characterised by pains that are majorly due to inflammations. Victims of this disease often complain of stiffness and chronic pains in the affected areas of the body. In most cases, patients are unable to comfortably engage in day-to-day activities that are physically demanding. According to experts in the field of medical

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Red Light Therapy for Animals

As you already hopefully know red light therapy also known as ‘heliotherapy’ is a therapeutic procedure, that uses low-level red wavelengths of the light to treat medical conditions, heal wounds, injuries and chronic pain as well as rejuvenate and help to clear up skin complaints. However, red light therapy can also be used for animals or rather pets such as dogs, cats and horses,

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How Red Light Therapy Can Help Post Workout

Red Light Therapy is a safe and effective therapy for your muscles, ligaments and tendons. By harnessing the power of light in your post workout regime you could see some incredible benefits. We’ll go into more detail in this post. “Red Light Therapy (RLT) or Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has the potential to promote tissue healing and decrease pain,” Frank Hoeffner, a physical therapist at Professional Physical Therapy explains. “There is some

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How Can Red Light Therapy Help with Pain?

You already know that there are a myriad of benefits for using Red Light Therapy (RLT). It can heal and alleviate skin conditions like psoriasis, reduce cosmetic issues like fine lines and stretch marks, stimulate hair growth, heal wounds and repair tissues, among other exciting benefits. But did you know the Red Light Therapy can also be effective in the battle against chronic pain

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How RLT Works: Why are the Wavelengths Important?

As red light therapy increases in both popularity and efficacy, the use of at-home RLT devices is also on the rise. With at-home use comes the added responsibility of choosing a device that is not only cost-efficient, but that will ultimately deliver the results you’re after. Red light therapy works by using specific and concentrated wavelengths of light that penetrate the skin and are

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8 thoughts on “Research”

  1. Investigations into parkinsons disease suggest some benefits with RLT but the wavelengths suggested are 670nm and 810nm built into a head covering. Do you make such devices and have you done any research using these wavelengths?

    • Hi Lawrence, these devices are very low EMF. Far lower than common household items. 3 v/m at 1″, 1 v/m at 3″

  2. I am interested in red light therapy to treat symptoms of long covid including; fatigue, headache, breathlessness and general feelings of unwellness.


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