As the entire world is searching for ways to support their immune system to overcome and avoid catching Coronavirus (Covid-19), we have been asked if a daily session of Red Light can improve the immune system.

Alongside all of the other benefits to photobiomodulation [Red Light Therapy/PBM] bolstering the immune system is simply another one to add to the long list of positives.

Studies* have shown that with the addition of Red Light, cells have a higher rate of regeneration, allowing for accelerated recovery [in the studies case, from Thrombocytopenia.]

Red Light Therapy also prevents mitochondrial injury or stress, therefore allowing for the cells to mature [as opposed to dying off] whilst doubling the generation of new cells.

All of these benefits help overcome cell injury to beat infection and/or inflammation quicker.

And it’s not just our every day immunity that can be helped, but Autoimmune diseases have shown positive results from RLT studies with less cell depletion/death during the case study.

Overall, the data indicates that RLT may be an effective treatment that not only targets the immune response, but also offers the neuroprotection lacking with current treatment strategies.

So, if you are looking to give your immune system a helping hand, particularly during this pandemic, then Red Light Therapy is for you. It’s safe, drug free, donor-dependent, and can be done in the comfort of your very own home – your own bed even!

RLT should work alongside a healthy, balanced diet, and an active lifestyle to boost the immune system and not in replace of, for more ways to boost your immune system whilst at home check out this article:

*To read the studies in full click through here:


Autoimmune Disease:

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