Red Light Therapy at Home


Gone are the days of having to depend on clinics for red light therapy. With our professional quality products you can now have treatments from the comfort of your home.

Considering you will be looking at anywhere from £300 per month for consultations even our largest, full body device proves extremely good value. 

The smaller 300W device can be sat on a table (as pictured) and our 1000W full body devices are commonly installed on walls or hung over doors.

Tips for Red Light Therapy at Home

Below are some simple and easy tips and tricks to optimise your LED light treatments at home

  • KEEP IT UP! Although the power from these devices are strong this is still a non invasive, non surgical treatment so regular treatments are essential. Depending on the application and the type of device anything from 5-20mins is good.
  • CLEANSE! For optmium effect the wavelengths of light must be able to fully penetrate the skin. Use
  • PROTECT! For safety always use eye protection. The LEDs in our products are powerful and are extremely bright in order to optimise the treatment. all our devices come with eye cups.
  • REGIME! Continue your usual beauty regime – it’s important to carry on cleansing and moisturising even when using red light therapy. Red light doesn’t replace your skincare regime, but it does enhance it!
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