As you already hopefully know red light therapy also known as ‘heliotherapy’ is a therapeutic procedure, that uses low-level red wavelengths of the light to treat medical conditions, heal wounds, injuries and chronic pain as well as rejuvenate and help to clear up skin complaints.

However, red light therapy can also be used for animals or rather pets such as dogs, cats and horses, to treat different medical conditions.

NOTE: This article simply outlines some of the most commonly understood and used benefits and use cases for animals but should never be used as veterinary advice. Please consult your vet if needed.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work on Animals?

According to studies, red light produces a biochemical effect in the body cells. These biochemical effects strengthen the mitochondria present inside the cells. Mitochondria are actually the powerhouse or the engine of the cell. It gives the energy to the cell to reproduce, regenerate repair and create energy. In short, red light enhances collagen production.

Red light increases the functionality of the mitochondria. Hence, the mitochondria energise and increase the ATP (the energy molecule of the cell). With more energy, cells become prone to function more efficiently. Hence, repairing the damaged cells or healing the chronic pain or wounds, at a faster rate. However, red light therapy for animals and humans is not similar to the laser light therapy, as it does not damage the skin cells or the skin structure of the subject.

Red light therapy has immense positive effects on animals. Many animals such as dogs, horses and cats are treated with red light therapy for different medical and skin conditions. Apart from the treatment, there are other positive impacts of the red light therapy on the animals. Those benefits are:

red light therapy for horses


Red light therapy can be used to treat the chronic back pain that all the animals go through. Chronic back pain limits the physical activity of an animal, especially the horse. Horses are fast running animals. Chronic back pain can restrict them from running. According to a clinical research, many horses that were suffering from chronic back pain responded well to the red light therapy treatment. At least, 70% of the horses got rid of the chronic back pain and were back to training and to the running marathons. Red light therapy is used to cure the chronic pain or the joint pain in many other animals such as dogs, cows, geese, hens, goats and sheep. All these animals respond positively to the red light therapy.

red light therapy for dogs


Arthritis is a common disease among the animals when they age. As they grow older, joints pain and arthritis strike, that restricts their physical activities. But, osteoarthritis is most common in some species of the dogs such as bulldogs, hounds and pit bulls. They are the most susceptible to the arthritis diseases, even when they are younger. Due to arthritis, many dogs have to undergo the complicated surgeries, to replace the herniated disks. But, the red light therapy helps to reduce the joint pain and osteoarthritis. Red light therapy can heal the joints and restricts the dogs and other animals from going through a complex surgery. According to research, dogs that went for the red light therapy healed faster than the ones who had their herniated disks removed.

red light treatment of animal skin complaint


Red light therapy boosts the collagen production and heals the skin conditions, wounds and injuries in animals. Red light is capable of penetrating easily inside the surface of the skin. It enhances the blood circulation and gathers the nutrients and blood to the infected area. The red light therapy helps to repair and replace the damaged and dead cells, enhances collagen production and elastin, and also treats some serious animal skin infections. Red light therapy helps to speed up the healing process in animals. It reduces inflammation, pain and irritation and heals the wounds and injuries. Moreover, it can also enhance the impact of the treatment of eczema that an animal is going under.

dog hair loss


Many animals, especially the dogs lose their hair by the severe skin infections. The hair follicles become weak and stop the growth of hair on the skin. Red light therapy is used to stimulate the hair growth and to accelerate the hair re-growth. The hair follicles present on the surface of the skin absorb the low level red wavelengths of the light. This can accelerate the process of hair growth or re-growth of the hair in dogs and other animals.

treating trauma with red light therapy


Just like humans, dogs, horses and other animals can go under severe shock or blunt trauma for any particular reason. For instance, the death of the dog's owner can have serious negative impacts on the dog. It can cause blunt trauma, anxiety and restlessness in the dog. Red light therapy is useful for the animals, especially the dogs and horses to recover from the blunt trauma and severe shocks. Red light therapy stimulates the blood regulation. Normal blood flow and low levels of blood pressure can help the dogs to calm down and retrieve back from the blunt trauma.

Some other known uses and benfits for red light therapy for animals

in summary

Red Light therapy is not just for humans! The healing properties or red and near infra red light can be used on any living creature. We have heard of numerous use cases from our customers on how they are treating their pets such as dog or cats or larger animals such as horses and cows with red light therapy. 

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