Helios 2-Serie – 300 W gezieltes Rotlicht-Therapiegerät
Helios 2-Serie – 300 W gezieltes Rotlicht-Therapiegerät
Helios 2-Serie – 300 W gezieltes Rotlicht-Therapiegerät
Helios 2-Serie – 300 W gezieltes Rotlicht-Therapiegerät
Helios 2-Serie – 300 W gezieltes Rotlicht-Therapiegerät
Helios 2-Serie – 300 W gezieltes Rotlicht-Therapiegerät
Helios 2-Serie – 300 W gezieltes Rotlicht-Therapiegerät
Helios 2-Serie – 300 W gezieltes Rotlicht-Therapiegerät

Helios 2-Serie – 300 W gezieltes Rotlicht-Therapiegerät


Die HELIOS 2 300-W-Lampe ist ein kompaktes und leistungsstarkes Gerät, das eine Rotlichttherapie auf Ihr Gesicht oder andere kleine Bereiche Ihres Körpers abgibt.
Die Rotlichttherapie ist eine natürliche und sichere Möglichkeit, die Gesundheit Ihrer Haut zu verbessern, Entzündungen zu reduzieren und Ihr Energieniveau zu steigern.

Diese Lampe verwendet 60 Dual-Chip-LEDs, die intensive Lichtstrahlen bei zwei Schlüsselwellenlängen erzeugen: 660 nm und 850 nm. Diese Wellenlängen dringen tief in Ihre Haut und Zellen ein, stimulieren die Kollagenproduktion, heilen Wunden und verbessern den Zellstoffwechsel.

Die Lampe verfügt über eine 60-Grad-Linse, die das Licht auf einen bestimmten Bereich konzentriert und so die Verwendung zu Hause erleichtert.

Mit der HELIOS 2 300W-Lampe können Sie die Rotlichttherapie bequem und effektiv genießen.

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HELIOS 2 300W 

  • Irradiance

    15cm = 125mw/cm2
    30cm = 104mw/cm2
  • EMF

    0 V/M at 15cm
    0 mG at 15cm
  • Best for

    Small areas of the body
  • Measurements

    31cm x 20cm x 7cm
  • Power

    Rated @ 300w
    Actual Consumption 91W
  • LEDs and Wavelengths

    60 x 5W LEDs
    Red light peaking 660nm
    Near -infrared at 850nm

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
N.S. (Sheffield, GB)
Quality product

A great product. This is the second one I have bought. The first was for my daughter who loved it so I thought I’d treat myself.

C. (Leatherhead, GB)
No Answer

I am very happy with the Helios device which arrived last week and would give the quality of the machine and prompt delivery 5 stars. But I am disappointed that the customer service has not responded to my questions concerning its use. I received an email from the customer service team on the 15th of May telling me that they had receive my two questions and thanking me for reaching out. They wrote that they would be answering soon. I have heard nothing since, other than this request for a review. Does it take longer than 5 days to answer my questions? Maybe the customer service team is on holiday?

J.H. (Saint Leonards-on-Sea, GB)
HELIOS 2 - 300 W

Diagnosed with digestive problem and advanced
osteoporosis I have suffered many pains and great
discomfort in my spine.
I was desperate to find lasting healing help which
somehow miraculously will give me kind of relief
which in turn be able to add few more years to my
existence without more suffering.
I have made research few years ago regarding red
and infrared light therapy including reading very
informative book of Mark Sloan and was very kin
to buy the near-infrared lamp but unfortunately was
unable to afford. Now in desperation as the last
resource to my pains I’ve got my lamp.
Thanks “ABOVE” for my decision.
After one week of constant use twice a day I am
progressing. Pain is still here and there but suffering
is gone.
Thank you so much for that “miracle”.
My only wish would be now to win a lottery so I can
afford to buy the bigger one as the small one is very good but limits the body part exposed to light.
Never mind, I am grateful for your mimi lamp.
It is very good quality, pleasantly designed and most
Important it works !
I am also very grateful to find at the price that I can
eventually buy.
Many kind regards
Jadwiga Higgins /Mrs/

M. (Wolverhampton, GB)
Genuinely Life changing

Really well built product, with consistency it will do literal wonders, my mothers swelling around her leg has decreased drastically since using and had been that way for over 6 months before! magic product well worth the money

B.V. (Merton, GB)

I'm thrilled with the results of this ..after only a few weeks it has healed the neurodermatitis on my nose!!.. which has been there for years,and nothing had helped.. it's also very good on my back ..I think it gives me energy and is also soothing to sit in front of. I wouldn't be without it now.


Included In The Box

  • Desk stand (as pictured)
  • Hanging wires
  • Door hanger (fits most doors, but not all, especially fire doors)
  • Eye cups (use if the red light is too bright or you simply want to shield your eyes)
  • Power lead
  • Modular lead (to connect other HELIOS devices)