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Red Light Therapy UK

HELIOS FOCUS Tragbares Rotlichttherapiegerät

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Der HELIOS FOCUS wurde zur Behandlung kondensierter Körperbereiche entwickelt. Dieses Gerät ist für topische Sitzungen geeignet.

Wie unsere anderen Geräte bestehen sie aus Rotlicht bei 660 nm und Nahinfrarotlicht bei 850 nm.

    HELIOS FOCUS Tragbares Rotlichttherapiegerät
    HELIOS FOCUS Tragbares Rotlichttherapiegerät
    HELIOS FOCUS Tragbares Rotlichttherapiegerät

    HELIOS FOCUS Tragbares Rotlichttherapiegerät Spezifikationen

    • Bestrahlungsstärke

      15 cm = 125 mW/cm
      230 cm = 104 mW/cm2

    • Messungen

      15 cm x 2 cm x 2 cm
      300 g

    • EMF

      0 V/M bei 15 cm
      0 mg bei 15 cm

    • Leistung

      Bewertet bei 300 W
      Tatsächlicher Verbrauch 91W

    • Beste für

      Kleine Körperbereiche

    • LEDs und Wellenlängen

      60 x 5W LEDs
      Rotes Licht mit einer maximalen Wellenlänge von 660 nm
      Nahinfrarot bei 850 nm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    J.W. (Edinburgh, GB)
    Happy with purchase

    I've been using my red light for 5 mins per day and while it's still very early I have no complaints with the product. It's well made, comes with spare battery and charger and was well packaged and delivered quickly. Would recommend.

    H. (London, GB)
    Handheld Red Light Helios Focus comments

    Yes, pleased with the product which is easy to use and charge up. I use it for upper arms and shoulder which hopefully should improve mobility. I also use it in conjunction with another Red Light ground based product for lower leg arthritis issue.

    S.G. (Birmingham, GB)
    Perseverance is the key

    I am persevering with this therapy because I believe it can work. I have only used it for a short period of time but I do feel this is offering some relief. I have RSI in my elbow from typing & using a mouse most of my working life & I want to avoid injections. I use this torch once a day for 15 mins, the torch cuts off at 5 minute intervals because of the heat but I can feel this heat only slightly on my skin & it feels good 👍 I will give 5 stars if it does eventually bring me full relief but I believe this will take time.

    J.B. (Kidlington, GB)
    Great device

    Well made portable red light. Only had it a few days but seems great so far. Perfect for travelling.

    E.C. (Brighton, GB)
    Not sure yet

    I have been using the handheld for 2 weeks now and am not yet convinced of its usefulness. The delivery was prompt and it was appropriately packaged. I have had to recharge the battery 3 times this is with twice daily use for 10 minutes each time. I was surprised that it only stays on for 5 minutes and that it gets very hot. It is quite weighty so I can't use it where it is most needed, on my shoulder and neck. I have used it on an ankle injury but am not sure if it helped or it just got better anyway. I would love for it to really work and if I was convinced I would get the freestanding model when I can afford it.