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Red light therapy is a safe and low level, multi-faceted therapy that anyone can use from the comfort of their own home. We have served thousands of customers and partnered with professional sports teams, athletes and practitioners. Check out the HELIOS range today and embrace the power of light therapy

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We are a family run business based in the South East of England but with customers and clients all around the UK and Europe.
Our ethos is to make red light therapy available for all, not just the elite, not just the biohackers. 
We have sold thousands of lights to customers that want a red light set up in the comfort of their own homes, be that by the bed or in the living room or kitting out a specific area! 
There are so many use cases for red (and near-infrared) light therapy but the most common we hear is for increased energy, muscle recovery, skin issues and anti-ageing (check out our research page or contact us for more info)

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A.Remfry (Trustpilot)

Bought 1500 Watt Series 2
I bought my infrared lamp in July 2022, I bought it in the hope that It would improve my energy. The lamp arrived safely and was easy to set up. It has improved my muscle definition markedly and also my muscle strength (I am 65). My gut health has also improved. I had a CT scan in January 2023, and a follow up appointment on 28th February, I have been told that my internal organs are "remarkable" and have now been signed off after 16 years of cancer treatment and follow up, they no longer need to see me. Unfortunately I do not have any extra energy and still struggle with fatigue, however I feel this may be due to a heavy metal problem and I am looking at having my mercury amalgams removed. My only negative is that communication could be better from the company, that's the only criticism. Overall one of the best purchases I have made