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Research focus of the week: Optically Improved Mitochondrial Function Redeems Aged Human Visual Decline

Abstract from the paper (link to Pubmed)
“The age spectrum of human populations is shifting toward the older with larger proportions suffering physical decline. Mitochondria influence the pace of aging as the energy they provide for cellular function in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) declines with age. Mitochondrial density is greatest in photoreceptors, particularly cones that have high energy demands and mediate color vision. Hence, the retina ages faster than other organs, with a 70% ATP reduction over life and a significant decline in photoreceptor function. Mitochondria have specific light absorbance characteristics influencing their performance. Longer wavelengths spanning 650->1,000 nm improve mitochondrial complex activity, membrane potential, and ATP production. Here, we use 670-nm light to improve photoreceptor performance and measure this psychophysically in those aged 28-72 years. Rod and cone performance declined significantly after approximately 40 years of age. 670-nm light had no impact in younger individuals, but in those around 40 years and older, significant improvements were obtained in color contrast sensitivity for the blue visual axis (tritan) known to display mitochondrial vulnerability. The red visual axis (protan) improved but not significantly. Rod thresholds also improved significantly in those >40 years. Using specific wavelengths to enhance mitochondrial performance will be significant in moderating the aging process in this metabolically demanding tissue.”

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