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Red Light Therapy UK

HELIOS 2 1000 W Rotlichttherapiegerät + HELIOS Ständer

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Die Stände sind jetzt bis zur nächsten Charge ausverkauft, die etwa im November erhältlich sein wird

Wenn Sie diese Kombination noch heute bestellen, können wir Ihnen die Leuchte sofort zusenden und der Ständer folgt.

    HELIOS 2 1000 W Rotlichttherapiegerät + HELIOS Ständer
    HELIOS 2 1000 W Rotlichttherapiegerät + HELIOS Ständer

    HELIOS 2 1000 W Rotlichttherapiegerät + HELIOS Ständer Spezifikationen

    • Bestrahlungsstärke

      15 cm = 125 mW/cm
      230 cm = 104 mW/cm2

    • Messungen

      132 cm x 88 cm x 66 cm
      28 kg

    • EMF

      0 V/M bei 15 cm
      0 mg bei 15 cm

    • Leistung

      Bewertet bei 300 W
      Tatsächlicher Verbrauch 91W

    • Beste für

      Kleine Körperbereiche

    • LEDs und Wellenlängen

      60 x 5W LEDs
      Rotes Licht mit einer maximalen Wellenlänge von 660 nm
      Nahinfrarot bei 850 nm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    K.R. (Hackney, GB)
    Well done you

    Very pleased with the service I received from you ordered and turned up in a couple of days. The 4 of us are using it and finding it very relaxing and beneficial
    Thanks so much a very good investment

    D.P. (St Austell, GB)
    Glad i invested in this

    After hearing about this therapy on a youtube podcast about taking back control of your health, i decided to invest in a red light machine, I did my research and the helios version from red light therapy uk had excellent reviews so i decided to go for the Full body machine as i had lots of areas i needed to cover,

    i was worried about the cost as i had never spent that much in one go before on something i had only just heard about, but i found that not only was this company the least expensive in comparison to others but it seemed to be a very well made machine,

    I bought it with the stand so i could lie under it for ease and it has not disappointed, its early days yet so I'm not expecting the full benefits just yet according to the reviews but already my back pain has lessened and it makes me feel good with the warmth from the lights

    I'm very pleased with my purchase and glad i opted for this machine

    D.C. (Reading, GB)
    Red Light Panel.

    I have made an interesting and exciting start with my 100w panel. I think it will be great to see what benefits I get from using the Light on a regular basis. I do feel quite optimistic at this moment and I can not wait to see what unfolds.