Serie Helios 2: dispositivo de terapia de luz roja de medio cuerpo de 600 W
Serie Helios 2: dispositivo de terapia de luz roja de medio cuerpo de 600 W
Serie Helios 2: dispositivo de terapia de luz roja de medio cuerpo de 600 W

Serie Helios 2: dispositivo de terapia de luz roja de medio cuerpo de 600 W


La lámpara de medio cuerpo HELIOS 2 de 600W contiene LED de doble chip de 120 x 5w. Emiten un haz de luz altamente enfocado en un arco de 60 grados en dos longitudes de onda cruciales, 660 nm y 850 nm (50:50). Hay interruptores independientes para cada longitud de onda.

Este es un dispositivo de terapia de luz roja ideal como punto intermedio entre los dispositivos específicos más pequeños y los dispositivos de cuerpo completo.

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  • irradiancia

    15cm = 125mw/cm2
    30cm = 104mw/cm2
  • CEM

    0 V/M a 15 cm
    0 mg a 15 cm
  • Mejor para

    Sesiones de medio cuerpo
  • Mediciones

    58cm x 20cm x 7cm
    6 kilos
  • Fuerza

    Clasificado @ 600w
    Consumo real 180W
  • LED y longitudes de onda

    120 LED de 5W
    Luz roja con un máximo de 660 nm
    Infrarrojo cercano a 850 nm

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
B.L.S. (London, GB)

This is my second purchase with
I originally purchased the 300w mini version (very good BTW).
Recently I purchased the 600w half-body version. The 300w version is great for smaller area usage at a time. But if you are serious about full-body exercise, health, recovery, reducing inflammation, daily usage etc, then I would recommend stepping up the size. (Depends on use case as the effect is still the same). is the only company I will purchase this equipment from. Quality products. The lights are definitely up to spec and do what you would expect them to do do. Overall service is great. Customer service is great. Delivery is usually very fast (if in stock). Warranty is a good length. And compared to the more expensive brands they definitely hit the sweet spot. The main things to consider are - do they provide NIR and RED at the correct wavelengths (they definitely seem to based on the effects). Are they of good (and safe) quality? The quality is great (solid aluminium units with thick power cords and rugged switches). And the prices definitely mean great value for money. Why pay for more expensive units elsewhere? I use them daily, mostly for energy and muscle recovery after exercise, inflammation reduction, and also for strains. After 10 minutes using the lights I can feel my energy has improved. My skin has improved after regular use. My sleep / wake cycles and general wellbeing have improved. And inflammation levels have dropped considerably. Its also great that they can be hung on a wall / door (secure point as they get heavier the bigger the unit). And the 300w comes with a stand. The 600w version can have a stand attached (separate purchase) depending on what position you want to be in. (Do consider your electricity costs and look at the ACTUAL power consumption for each different unit, not the stated wattage output for each unit which makes them seem expensive to run (they're not). Also, follow proper guidance. Take precautions. Start slowly. Don't have it too close to your skin. There are good books on the science behind Red Light Therapy and it's also worth looking at Huberman Labs podcast on sleep / red light therapy. If you've never tried them but are considering it - go with Don't bother wasting money with the rubbish products on Amazon either. This is the only company I recommend to friends and family. Clearly these lights will last me a long time if I look after them properly. And they clearly do what they are supposed to do. 5 Stars all the way to sunshine in your life : )

L.W. (Leeds, GB)
The experience of sunset

I find it similar to those moments where you close your eyes and feel the setting sun. No thoughts, just experiencing the feeling and it's worth it just for that.

B.H. (Doncaster, GB)
Practical and easy to use

Early days but I am hoping to reap health benefits by using the unit every day.

P.S. (Walton on Thames, GB)
Helios 2 half body panel

I’m very pleased with this panel. Have used it every day for a week now. The heat is very relaxing & warms the skin. I’m using it for arthritis in my shoulder. It does ease the pain. I find that my eyes are sensitive to the bright lights so I wear the eye goggles. Also I prefer sitting sideways on so that I’m not looking at the light at all. I’m sure I’ll get used to using it & look forward to more benefits.

L. (Wimbledon, GB)
Excellent quality and speedy delivery

I consider this a real investment into my health and researched lots of options before purchasing - the Helios 2 was a perfect size for the cost and I was reassured by having a UK stockist. The light arrived very quickly and works perfectly - I use it twice a day in the morning and evening and I feel it’s already making a big difference to my mood and energy. I would not hesitate to recommend


Incluido en la caja

  • Cables colgantes
  • Colgador de puerta (se adapta a la mayoría de las puertas, pero no a todas, especialmente a las puertas cortafuegos)
  • Protectores para los ojos (úselos si la luz roja es demasiado brillante o simplemente desea protegerse los ojos)
  • Cable de alimentación
  • Cable modular (para conectar otros dispositivos HELIOS)