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Red Light Therapy UK

Dispositivo de terapia de luz roja HELIOS 2 1500W + Soporte HELIOS

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Esta combinación es de lejos nuestra combinación HELIOS 2 más popular. Es el primer paso hacia una sesión de spa con terapia de luz roja, ¡desde la comodidad de su hogar!


(Reino Unido) ¡DE NUEVO EN STOCK! Recursos limitados.

Se han encargado 1500 W en la UE y se esperan para finales de año.

Tenga en cuenta que, debido a su naturaleza, los soportes no se pueden devolver. Por favor contáctenos si tiene alguna pregunta sobre esto.

    Dispositivo de terapia de luz roja HELIOS 2 1500W + Soporte HELIOS
    Dispositivo de terapia de luz roja HELIOS 2 1500W + Soporte HELIOS

    Dispositivo de terapia de luz roja HELIOS 2 1500W + Soporte HELIOS Especificaciones

    • irradiancia

      15cm = 125mw/cm
      230cm = 104mw/cm2

    • Mediciones

      132 cm x 88 cm x 66 cm
      28 kg

    • CEM

      0 V/M a 15 cm
      0 mg a 15 cm

    • Fuerza

      Clasificado @ 300w
      Consumo real 91W

    • Mejor para

      Pequeñas áreas del cuerpo.

    • LED y longitudes de onda

      60 LED de 5W
      Luz roja con un máximo de 660 nm
      Infrarrojo cercano a 850 nm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    P.S. (Broseley, GB)
    Red is good

    After looking online and reviewing our options whether to attend a clinic offering red light laser treatment, or purchasing a red light laser + stand package. We bought the Helios 2 1500 watt & stand, for my wife who suffers from fibromyalgia. It's early days yet, as this treatment is required over several months, but the daily sessions are helping.

    M.I. (Ashford, GB)
    Works Wonders!

    Well worth ourinvestment in health and well being. In third week of daily sessions and experiencing visible results in many aspects.

    Immediately noticed post work out recovery benefits. I normally have delayed onset muscle issues, but have almost none with this device. From the first few days noticed a sense of greater bodily ease and fluidity of movement. I assume this is due to circulation and anti inflammatory response. Skin improvement noticeable during the second week - more plump facial skin (less fine wrinkles, smoother complexion, and already see slight reduction on hyper pigmentation spots). Most wonderfully, a deep laceration on nose that required 14 stitches has become supple, (was keloid and rigid) is reduced in thickness and a bit less visually prominent. As a 58 yr old female, I am delighted with better sleep, reduction in the severity and number of hot flushes during the night. My overall energy level is better, and there is less bodily fatigue at the end of the day. Very promising so far.

    My 88 year old mother with severe arthritis and torn meniscus is experiencing dramatic pain reduction in week three. Unexpectedly, red light therapy has benefited her overall well being, sense of calm, and more relaxed sleep. Her general mobility is already slightly improved. She says her session is the best part of her day. There does seem to be a mood enhancement effect.

    My husband, who is already quite fit notices less than my mother and I. However he does feel the circulatory effect and possibly a benefit with post work out muscle soreness.

    The equipment itself is far more sturdy and substantial than we expected. Arrived quickly and was very well and safely packed. Was super easy to assemble.

    Dan graciously answered numerous questions before and after purchase. Top notch customer service!

    E.S. (East Grinstead, GB)
    Absolutely love it

    I use it before sleep in the evening and it helps with so much relaxation I already feel like my sleep has improved. Also feels like my ezcema is improving slowly.

    S.F. (Kidlington, GB)
    Good product

    I have only had this for a few days but it is sturdy, seems good quality and treatments are very pleasant. Obviously it will take time to notice the effects.

    B.T. (Islington, GB)

    I don’t appear to have experienced any positive changes. I have been wondering if my Helios is actually faulty.