How Best to Use Your Helios Red Light Therapy Device

How Best to Use Your Helios Red Light Therapy Device

Although these are general tips and recommendations please note everyone responds differently to light therapy though, so find what works best for you, but really, consistency is key!


Our general recommendation is to have the area you want to affect with the light to be about 15cm from the device. 

Increasing or decreasing the distance has a direct effect on the irradiance and can therefore be tailored to the session.

For instance, for a more intense session, for example, for deep muscle recovery or tendon repair then bring the light as close as is comfortable. You'll find that due to the NIR light, which does emit a small amount of heat, it may not be comfortable at point blank range.


A broad recommendation for a starting point is between 10-15 mins but the same applies as above about tailoring it to yourself.

A key thing to remember however is that after ~20mins or so the effectiveness is thought to decrease rapidly. There's only so much energy your cells can absorb and create in one session!



We are commonly asked if both wavelengths (red and near infrared) can be used at the same time and the answer is absolutely yes! In fact, they both do slightly different roles and are thought to be complimentary to one another.